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Free appraisals of the property

A totally free service without any kind of commitment that you can ask us, is where we will visit the designated housing and once visited and taken a series of data, give a report in which a consultant in the area explain, on the basis of objective criteria of market, of the value recommended for the sale of the property.

We advise financially

If you don't know how much can grant for the purchase of a home, that letter would be you, which is the best mortgage for your age or economic status can make you a financial study tailored for totally free.

Our main goal is the commitment to the customer, be primarily transparent and professional.

From the first day the customer will be given in writing as soon as it goes out to sell your property and what fees will be received by the Agency, (customer prevents surprises of last minute the day of the signing of deeds).We acquire the commitment with the client to keep you informed at all times of the day to day management of the sale of your property, informed during throughout the course of the same, giving detailed reports of the visits and their respective reviews to be the all transparent to the client and to the East informed of all comments made towards your property.

When evaluating a property cannot take as a reference which is announced in the major property portals or posters that abound in the area, since those ads with properties that are for sale, unsold, granted while are for sale and are at risk of being out-of-market and outdated.

When he is valued a property we have to take into account certain aspectsas the typology of the building, its State, the situation and their orientation, but they are not the only ones.

Nearest services, accesses and exits to the population where, schools, hospitals and police stations nearby are other important aspects that also we take into account in the same way that an official appraiser that is will do it who will mark the total value of the property, being said determining value for the granting of a mortgage loan.

Due to our way of working and the tools which we have in district GETAFE I SL, the sale of your property will be accomplished with full transparency and clarity for the team, so your property is not a ballast and a burden for the owner providing the entire procedure that involves the sale of a property until the signing before a notary.


On April 16 he entered into force RD 235/2013, April 5, whereby all buildings, houses and premises that will be leased or sold, must have an energy certificate.

The energy certification of buildings is a requirement for the transposition of the Directive 2002/91/EC and partially 2010/31/EU directive, which oblige to provide buyers or users of the buildings energy efficiency certificate. In this way, the energy certification technician assigned to each building an energy efficiency class, which will vary from class A, for the more energy efficient, the class G, for the less efficient.

1. What is the energy certification?

It is a certificate which verified the energy characteristics of buildings.

2. Is it mandatory energy certification?

RD 235/2013 of April 5, requires that certificate to the owner of a building, House or premises that will be sold or leased. It is also due to newly built buildings. Besides energy efficiency label be included in any offer, promotion and advertising to the sale or rental of housing or local. The real estate should exhibit the energy label in your ads. Failure to comply with these provisions will be considered a punishable offence.

3. What does certificate?

The certificate will allow to determine the quality of housing from a point of view of energy saving. The energy label classifies the buildings from A to G.
A good certificate will allow to detect which produce unnecessary expenditures on facilities due to poor conditions of housing and facilities, enabling the owner to increase the quality of housing that you want to sell or rent. New owners or tenants can benefit from substantial savings in supplies.

4. What can tenants demand the energy certificate?

If the housing is not exempt from compliance, the owner has an obligation to have such a certificate. Any person or Association of consumers could denounce you the for non-compliance.

5 There will be sanctions if the certificate is not available?

Not having the certificate involves a violation in terms of consumers and users, as well as an infringement on energy efficiency certification.                                                                  Sanctions can be of up to 600,000 euros, depending on their seriousness.
The sale or lease contract may be declared null by have not reported correctly to the purchaser or lessee. Furthermore the seller/lessor may have to compensate the buyer or tenant for damages caused by the lack of information provided.